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407R Mystic Ave, #36B
Medford, MA 02155

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About Lincoln Equipment Associates, Inc.

Lincoln Equipment began 48 years ago when Linc McKie opened his Medford, Massachusetts warehouse and began selling roofing equipment and tools to New England roofers from Caribou, Maine to Danbury, Connecticut.

He was joined by his son, Tom McKie who started selling roofing equipment and hand tools to all commercial and residential roofers throughout New England.  In 1981, Linc's youngest son, Mark, joined the company and also helped develop and maintain the business as well.  What began with representing 13 companies and their products has turned into covering the same territory with over 350 lines of roofing equipment and tools. 

At Lincoln Equipment Associates, we truly believe in what our Dad has always stood by: "Quality doesn't cost-it pays."  Linc always instilled in us that "our family business treats our customers like family".  In an ever-changing world, it is nice to know that" old fashioned" business sense prevails at Lincoln Equipment. Our family does, in fact, treat you folks like" family." As customers, we hope you feel the same way we do.

Have you heard?

  • "Linc always said, that you would never see a delivery charge from one of his trucks...still holds true today."
  • "Never any backorders"
  • "Great job year after year"
  • "I feel like a real person and not just a number in the computer when I do business with the McKie Family."
  • "Tom and Mark cover New England like nobody else we do business with."
  • "I've found that if I am late on an invoice, Mark and Tom work with me in a polite non-combative manner."

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