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Roof Safety Harness Leominster MA Fall Protection Equipment

Residential roofing is a highly risky job. Roofers spend a lot of time on the highest point of a house. Their work involves a lot of bending, kneeling and lifting. The risk is even greater when they work on steep-slope roofs. In such a scenario, even a small mishap can lead to fatal injuries.

Residential roofing professionals rely on safety equipment for complete protection. Lincoln Equipment offers a complete range of reliable and high quality roof safety equipment near Leominster MA. We stock over 200 safety equipment items including safety harness kits, body harness, fall protection systems and ladder safety equipment.

The Scary Statistics

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), around 20% of the total accidents at work places in 2013 happened in the construction industry. A total of 796 workers in the construction industry died due to workplace accidents. Of these, 294 deaths were due to falls. OSHA has concluded that most of these deaths were avoidable, if only proper harnesses and fall protection equipment were in place.

OSHA Compliant Roof Safety Equipment near Leominster MA

According to OSHA, any worker working within fifteen feet from the edge of a roof needs protection. Some of the most prominent hazards on roofs are roof edges, multi-level roofs and skylights. Roofs that have a drop of a few feet or are connected to other buildings are dangerous as well. We offer a wide range of safety equipment that comply the OSHA regulations.

Types of Roof Safety Equipment for sale near Leominster MA

You have multiple options when it comes to protecting a worker on the roof. Some of the equipment you can use are:

  • Guardrails: Barriers erected at edges to prevent falls
  • Restraint mechanism: Prevents workers from going too close to the hazardous points
  • Fall arrest equipment: Prevents workers from hitting the ground in case they slip and fall

While guard rails and restraint mechanisms are prevention measures, fall arrest equipment offers protection in case the inevitable happens. At Lincoln Roof Safety Equipment, you can shop for safety harnesses, safety skynets, roof rails, anchors, safety edge rails and fold up warning lines.

Choose A Safety Supply Company near Leominster MA - Lincoln Equipment

Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right roof safety equipment.

  • Railing: A freestanding system to prevent falls. Railings are of different types such as parapet railing, construction railing, portable safety railing, roof hatch safety railing and many more
  • Skylight screens: Protects workers from falling into the skylight
  • Harnesses: A complete harness kit inclusive of single use roof anchor, full body harness, poly-blend lifeline, equipment bag and more to protect during slip and fall cases

We also offer different types of safety carts, hard hats, caution tapes, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, ground falls and many more. We carry roof safety products from leading safety product manufacturers such as: AES Raptor, Panther Products, Blue Water, Premier Rail Systems, ACRO, Garlock Equipment Company and Gemtor.

If you are a roofing company near Leominster MA, call Lincoln Equipment to learn more about our roofing safety equipment and roofing tools for sale near Leominster, MA. We can be reached at 1-800-331-5087.


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